About the Kargo Master Dealer Rewards Program

Kargo Master has long been a leader in providing cash benefits (Awards) to auto and truck dealers who sell Kargo Master products as part of a new vehicle package.

For 2018, Kargo Master has improved its Dealer Rewards Program with larger awards.

Depending on the dealer's choice of a Kargo Master Upfitter, the dealer salesperson will be paid the following amounts on the sale of Kargo Master equipment, per vehicle. The minimum sale is $250.00 of Kargo Master products.

1.      Van products

Between 7 and 10%

2.      Truck products and service body racks

Between 3 and 6%

A check for the award will be sent to the dealer salesperson’s choice of address. Rewards are processed weekly. All payments are subject to Federal and State income taxes, and a 1099 will be issued.